Monday, March 28, 2011

Coffee and Cigarettes

So, I signed up to participate in The Fiction Project by Arthouse Co-op. They sent me a moleskin back in...o goodness knows when...and the prompt "Coffee and Cigarettes". And it is finally done! Well it probably needs some glue touch-up but other than that it's finally ready to be shipped back. I paid extra to have it digitized so I didn't go to the trouble of scanning, only took some pictures of the pages. Personally I'm happy with it but I don't know if will come across clearly enough. It's in 46 poems, not your typical fiction format. Even so, it kept me occupied and that's the goal right now. Here's a few shots of random pages. Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them so you can read if you want to, though it might not make much sense out of context.


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