Friday, March 18, 2011

In Her Eyes (Photo Friday)


I found a photography prompt blog! And of course this week is green....but here is my photo. I was told that the new Starbucks cups cost 20 dollars less a package to produce because of less writing...interesting.

Moody Monday - Green


Ok, I've already changed my schedule but the great thing is, this is my blog so I can. Fridays will be Photo Fridays....and until I  can find a good site that gives prompts for photos, I'm just going to post some of pictures from the week.

My little sister is always good for a photo or two. :)


Ozstuff said...

Thanks so much for linking your "green" piece to Take a Word challenge this week. It's an original approach and I love it (especially the crocodile - or alligator!). Fantastic. Your little sister is a real cutie.

Jingle Poetry said...

have fun..

Our week 27 poetry potluck is open Now,
Welcome and Share 1 to 3 poems with us today,

Bless your day…

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