Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What? Another blog? Don't you have more than you can keep track of? Yes I do, but I also like a clean slate, so here I am again. Also I've never had one on blogger and I think this will allow me to connect better with many of my contacts across the internet world. So without further ado, this is "Prompt Me to Greatness", basically since it's my blog I can put whatever the hell I want. I've devised a schedule though...

Sunday Scribblings
Meme Mondays
ATCs Tuesday
Wild-card Wednesdays
Poetry Thursdays
Fun Links Friday
and Swap-bot Saturday

They are all pretty self-explanatory. I'm unemployed, I'm starting to go under without anything to keep me busy and occupied so this is just one more thing to try. I love writing prompts, journal prompts, art prompts and challenges so this is my spot to show them off. :) I intend to display only my own work except for on Fridays when I will share a picture/project/link that I find interesting.

And since today is Wild-card Wednesday, lucky me can post my two new ATCs right away. :)


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