Friday, March 25, 2011

A Secret (Swap-bot Saturday)

So technically it's Saturday, right? So it's Swap-bot time! Well for me, it's almost always swap-bot time. My last Swap-bot post was featured on the Swap-bot's Blog Friday Link Love. Thanks guys!

Funny thing is...I've made several things for Swap-bot recently but haven't taken many pictures because my camera was on the fritz for a while. So for this Saturday entry I only have an 'in progress' pic as it were. Actually this postcard is finished but there was three partners for the Secrets Shared! Swap. This is one of my postcards, and no, the secret is not on the front and you aren't going to see it. :)

Anyway, I entered this swap because it reminded me of PostSecret (which I did once send a postcard too) but I'm kind of anxious about the secrets I might receive, it seems like a big responsibility in a way, being someone's secret keeper...


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