Sunday, April 10, 2011

Befuddled (Sunday Scribblings)

  • Why do I have to request a printed transcript online?
  • Why did my medical history questionnaire ask if there was a family history of pregnancy?
  • Why do I have hundreds of tv channels but not the three that I want?
  • Why is red the color of love AND of danger?
  • Why is New Jersey "The Garden State" AND "The Armpit of the Universe"?
  • Why does my library have Nazi propaganda from the 30s but not the newest novels?
  • Why does my elementary school music teacher keep trying to friend me on facebook?
  • How do you cite information you have learned in the past and do not know where? What's the point of learning it if I have to look up a book that mentions it every time I write a paper so I can cite it? Why can't I just cite my brain?
  • Why does it take 2 stamps for Canada but three for everywhere else from Mexico to Thailand?
  • Why are numbers considered stronger passwords? With letters I have any word in a hundred different languages...with numbers people are going to tend to pick their phone number, birthdate or anniversary.
  • Why do people talk louder when talking to people who don't understand their language?
  • How do people justify killing people to show killing babies is wrong?
  • How are you NOT supposed to get attached to a therapist if he or she is the only person you can talk to?
  • Why don't they base the extra car rental fee on accident history rather than my age? You'd think with technology they could figure out some way to do that.
  • Why is the rum always gone?
  • How can someone who was your closest friend and companion for ten years leave you with no explanation overnight?
  • What happened to the comeback of the movie musical?
  • Why is Drexel's deadline so late?
  • Why don't I feel Twitter appealing?
  • How come people who say they are so poor own a nice car, smart phone, macbook, blueray player and all other manner of technology when I am still working on a 6 year old laptop missing half its keys?
  • Why wasn't the MFAA ever mentioned in any of my World War II classes?
  • Why aren't there Dunkin Donuts in South Texas if America runs on Texas? Are we considered Mexico?
  • If heaven is so wonderful why is suicide a sin?
And so many, many more questions have me befuddled

Sunday Scribblings #262 - Befuddled


LeiffyV said...

Nice list! I have wondered some of these myself, I have to admit. You are not alone in your befuddlement, it is the wonders of being human. Thanks for sharing with us!

oldegg said...

What a delightful array of questions to befuddle any brain. The one that I most relate to is the citing information sources where you are being taught to be creative but to cite yourself, hearsay or your Grannies advice when you were a child are not acceptable.

Kylie said...

Great mix of questions!

Templeton's fury said...

very humorous..thx delphinan :)
and i'm so with you on the Twitter front btw

Kate said...

Love it!

Christine said...

That was a great list, very funny and I'm in your boat with the channel thing, I only really want 3 of them too, but it takes me all day to find them and then the shows over. So I'm here writing.

linda may said...

I enjoyed your post. A bit funny, sad,clever, puzzling ....befuddled.

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