Thursday, April 7, 2011

Epidemic (Poetry Thursday)

NaPoWriMo Prompt: Today’s prompt is one of musical ekphrasis. Ekphrastic poetry comments upon or is inspired by another work of art in a different medium. Most people think of it as a poem inspired by a painting or a sculpture. But it could also be music! These are just suggestions; you could choose any song or other piece of art you like.

I actually wrote a poem inspired by a song earlier today but now I cannot find the scrap of paper I wrote it one, so here is a different approach. This poem was written to include both this prompt and the One Single Impression Prompt - Epidemic . This poem therefore is based on the last chapter of Christy by Catherine Marshall, one of my favorite books. At the end of the book, Christy is dying of typhoid after an epidemic breaks out. She has a vision of heaven but is brought back by the voice of her beloved. It's a beautiful chapter, though somewhat more sentimental and saccharine than I usually enjoy. Writing this poem though I thought of how it could apply in this day and age though as living your religion for someone you love...Would you sell your soul for a man?

The brilliance of heaven
The brilliance of a man
Pitted against each other,
Which one will stand?

The love of heaven
The love of a man
Though each one asks
Who will receive my hand?

It is getting harder to explain
As the disease goes to my brain

The joy of heaven
The joy of a man
Which will fulfill me?
Which do I demand?

The peace of heaven
The peace of a man
Time is running short
I must take my stand

And still the fever rages
These are the final pages

Heaven let me go
I have so much more to see
Let me stay with the man
Who has his hand upon my knee

Heaven let me go
I’ll return again one day
Let me stay with the man
You have heard pray

Heal me of this fever
Hear my polemic
Instead I’ll be a victim
Of the cacoethes epidemic


Gyanban said...

Beautifully composed.The choice of words are lovely.

gabrielle said...

A difficult choice...but heaven can wait! said...

Wonder how many have prayed this same prayer. Nicely formed poem.

Completely lovely blog theme. Delightful.


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