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Stationary Pedestrian

Stationary Pedestrian
April 03, 2010

I lost myself on the way to lunch today
And did not find myself again
Until 16th and Latimer
In a little artist’s garden
Beside an 80 year old print shop
At first I did not see the hidden paradise
Across from a construction zone
Hidden behind brick walls
I only saw its guardian
A wide-eyed wild ass glaring at me
Daring me to think him absurd
Waiting to punish me for disrespect of his position
I laughed to myself at his expression
Prided myself in mine
Thought how superior I was
To be able to walk up and down the street
And beyond to Spruce
To Chestnut
To Market, to Market
And back again
I imagined his pained look
Came from staring at the same view
Day after day
Unable to turn his head
Unable to close his metal lids
While I – flesh and blood
Circulated and saw the whole of the city
While I – flesh and bone
Rode him into another state
While I – flesh and lust
Soft and supple
Moved freely and loved freely
Or did I?
Ruled by passion I loved
Dictated by location I traveled
Urged by curiosity I explored
The necessity to eat drove me out for food
The need for money pulled me
Back to work again
And he – this wild-eyed ass
Had commanded me to stop and ponder
Yet he had no obligations
Besides arresting my eyes
And the eyes of passerbys
For 94 years
I had seen the city
He had seen its history
And every person walking by
Had brought a little bit
Of themselves and the other streets
And while I had seen 40 streets
He had seen 94 years of 40 streets
And had allowed more
Than 40 times 94 flesh and blood humans
To sit and rest
Beneath his non-sleeping, all-seeing eye
In a garden paradise
Beside an 80 year old printshop
On 16th and Latimer
And who was I to think I was wiser
I said I found myself
I found my place in the world and time
I was on 16th and Latimer
On April 3, 2010


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