Thursday, June 2, 2011

13 Reasons I'm Excited for Boston

Ok, after my kind of depressing list of reasons why I'm worried about grad is 13 reasons why I am uber excited!

1. Boston - Grad school is cool in and by itself but to be able to go to school in such a lovely city with so much history. Not to mention all the libraries!
2. New People - In the year I have lived in Texas I really haven't made any close friends who I feel like I really relate to. I am glad to have new faces. A lot of new faces since this is such a small town here. Simmons is within walking distance of 15 other colleges...I'm not too old to date a college guy. :)
3. Intellectual Work/Conversation - Yes, I am a nerd. I enjoy all those philosophical discussions and I can't wait to do something with my mind. The past year of sitting here unemployed has been nerve-wrackingly boring
4. Step Towards Career - This is the next step in being able to get the type of job I want. It feels good to be accomplishing something
5. Independence - I lived on my own for tow years and then moved back in with my parents and four younger siblings. I love them but it was a very hard adjustment. I cannot wait to have my own place again and not have to feel like I'm intruding on anyone or keeping anyone up. And just not have to answer the question, "where are you going? can i come?" Lol
6. Break From Family - There can just be too much drama sometimes
7. Weather - I miss autumn! I miss snow! I miss wearing long sleeves and scarves! I MISS THUNDERSTORMS!
8. Familiar Places - There are so many restaurants/stores that exist on the east coast but not down here. Dunkin' Donuts here I come!
9. Library - I read somewhere that Boston has more libraries than any other region and as a grad student in the MLS program I not only will be able to use libraries that actually have books (thank god) but also will be interning.
10. More Job Opportunities - Yay! There will be a larger number of jobs available overall but also more in the professional/educational realm that I would much prefer to work in
11. Fresh Start - I don't know anyone in Boston. I can reinvent myself and make new impressions.
12. Diversity - There is not much cultural diversity here...
13. Exercise - I will be walking around campus....ok, so its not a lot of exercise but its more than I'm getting now lol

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The Gal Herself said...

This is such a positive list. I may be partial, because I have enjoyed Boston so much whenever I've visited, and I love how attracted you are to diversity and intellectual conversation!

brandt! said...

Boston is fantastic!!!! Going on Sunday to watch the Sox .. woo hoo!!

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